Bolle Zander Sunglasses – Shiny Black Frame

Bolle Zander Sunglasses – Shiny Black Frame

Bolle Zander Sunglasses – Shiny Black FrameEagleVision 2 Dark Lens Semi-rimless configuration minimizesweight and optimizes the field of view so you can take it all in while you take it all on. Bolle Technologies B88 Frames We use the finest grade of nylon to give you incredibly lightweight, durable and flexible frames. This unique material composition also allows for visually stunning designs in any shape or thickness ? without compromising durability. Pinless Hinges Our innovative design is all about ease and durability. Pinless hinges seamlessly connect temples to frame fronts, eliminating mechanisms that can break down. This assembly creates an extremely durable structure with the sleek, lightweight look and feel you love. Carbo Glass Coating In addition to being lightweight and optically precise, our lenses are enhanced with an armor shell on both sides of the lens, giving you the protection you need from scratches and other damage. B-Clear Road sports demand the most from you and your equipment, where crystal-clear vision is paramount to success on the bike, track or trail. B-Clear lenses, as does glass, enhance your ability to see what’s coming at you, and who you’ve left behind. Ultra-lightweight Trivex? lens material provides unparalleled clear vision, enhancing hand-eye coordination and the fine motor skills that are compulsory to perform at the highest level. Maximum impact resistance keeps road debris where it belongs ? on the road. Dual-sided hydrophobicoleophobic coatings keep your view perspiration-free and make cleaning a cinch.
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Price: 99.95

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