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Guy Breaks Bottle With Golf Ball. (Girls Cheat…) Powerful, strong man hits beer bottle with great velocity and force using a rope it. Technorati Tags: break

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Why was Don Donatello disqualified in this past weekends Hooters Tour golf Tourney? Does anyone know?

He shot 3 under par in round one. DQ’d in round two!

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Is it easy to break a golf club by hitting the ground before the ball?

I am just starting to golf and was at the driving range today hitting with borrowed clubs. I was using a 1 wood and after the second swing, the club head broke off and went about 40 yards. Is this … Continue reading

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Looking for a reasonabally priced camcorder to record golf swing?

I am looking to purchase a camcorder to record my golf swing. I am not looking to spend ,000 on something like the Minolta Swing Vision camera you see them using on TV with the 4000 frames per second. Does … Continue reading

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Jordan Breaks Golf Club after bad shot

Jordan breaks his club after a bad tee shot on a golf course at Tan-Tar-A, Lake of the Ozarks Technorati Tags: break, driver, shot, tee

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Castro Marim Golf Sotavento East Algarve Portugal

History and Golf

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Tiger and the crew…golfing weekend Pt 4

Swingers at Large…THE FAUX STACK!!! Technorati Tags: the, Tiger

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Should I ask him to play mini golf this weekend?

I have liked this guy for like almost 2 years now and we have gone to dances and to a movie together. I sent him a valentine’s day package with candy and other stuff in it. He didn’t send me … Continue reading

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